Education and knowledge sharing has always been an important tradition to the Chibret family. Théa supports many projects and pedagogical activities.

The Théa academy is available to all eye health professionals to support their continued development and education. There is an extensive range of resources online courses, workshops and webinars that cover numerous topics and therapy areas, all of which can be used towards you annual CET and CPD qualifications.

Our Featured Courses

Module 1: Purposeful Communication

This module builds context and knowledge and highlights the skills required for successful patient interactions, leading to enhanced positive, professional communications and successful patient outcomes.


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Relevant to:

Optometrists  Speciality Optometrists: AS/SP/IP  Dispensing Opticians   Contact Lens Opticians

Thea Birmingham Corneal Meeting 2022: Basic Concepts in Contact Lens Fitting & Therapeutic Contact Lens Fitting

Professor James Wolffsohn and Waheeda Illahi will look at the basic concepts in contact lens fitting and therapeutic contact lens fitting.

Clinical Practice   

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Relevant to:

Optometrists  Contact Lens Opticians

Ocular Surface Disease and Glaucoma Surgery

This webinar presentation will review how preparing the ocular surface for glaucoma surgery can be important.

Clinical Practice   Speciality CPD: AS/SP/IP Optometrist

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Optometrists  Speciality Optometrists: AS/SP/IP  Dispensing Opticians

Lipid deficiency and achieving a healthy tear film

A poor quality tear film can impact on patients vision and their quality of life. Professor James Wolffsohn will be talking to us about the diagnostic tests we have in practice on how to assess the tear film and how to diagnose and manage a lipid deficient tear film in a clinical setting.

Speciality CPD: Contact Lens Optician   Clinical Practice   Communication

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Relevant to:

Optometrists  Dispensing Opticians   Contact Lens Opticians

Our Latest Library Items

  • OCT and Retina

    This book depicts a number of characteristic images of macular diseases.


  • Modern Update of Ocular and Orbital Ultrasound

    A combined instruction on how to perform accurate and reproducible ultrasound images together with an atlas of ultrasound scans. Including every aspect of ultrasound imaging of the anterior and posterior segment together with orbital images.


About Thea


Education and knowledge sharing have always been an important tradition for the Chibret family. Théa supports many educational projects and activities. Providing high quality ophthalmic education and facilitating knowledge sharing has always been of utmost importance to Théa’s founders, the Chibret Family.

Théa is at the service of eye care specialists, from those in the early stages of their specialist training to experienced practitioners, who aspire to train regularly to maintain the quality of their techniques.

As medical practices evolve, Théa supports European and international training programs to encourage and enable young doctors to use the latest advances in ophthalmology to prevent and treat eye diseases.

While the future of scientific progress is in the hands of today’s young generations, Théa rewards stands by young ophthalmologists who show initiative, creativity and imagination and contribute to the dissemination of their work in the community. international scientist.